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CertainTeed Corporation is a company that was established nearly 100 years ago. They started manufacturing products using asbestos in the 1930s and continued through 1985, including a variety of different industrial parts, building materials, and even auto parts. This company used several different types of asbestos, including chrysotile, amosite and crocidolite, which are typically found in South Africa, Russia, and China.

The company used all these materials in their various products until the mid 1980s. In fact, it wasn’t the only company. Until 1977 when the Toxic Substances Control Act went into effect, chrysotile was used in as much as 95% of all commercial asbestos products, which were popular for their heat and fire resistance, including the products that were manufactured by CertainTeed Corporation.

Asbestos Products

Construction, automotive, and naval industries were the ones that were affected by the use of asbestos in manufacturing by CertainTeed. The products that were affected include:

-Asbestos roofing shingles
-Asbestos roofing coatings
-Asbestos cement pipe
-Automobile parts
-Brake linings
-Conveyor belts
-Cement siding
-Electrical insulation
-High-pressure packing
-Lab tabletops

In addition, specific CertainTeed brand products were noted to contain asbestos, such as:

-Asbestos Cement Sheets (manufactured and sold from 1968-1976)
-CertainTeed Asbestos Roof Coating (1930-1982)
-CertainTeed Asbestos Cement Pipe (1962-1992)
-CertainTeed Cold Process Cement (1940-1967)
-CertainTeed Joint Treating Compound (1937-1956)
-CertainTeed Plastic Cement (1930-1983)
-CertainTeed Sealing Cement (1930-1976)
-Wet Seal Plastic Cement (1961-1967)

Thousands of workers in various industries have been affected by the exposure to asbestos as a result of working for CertainTeed or handling their products through the years.

Asbestos Lawsuit History

CertainTeed has been involved in many different lawsuits through the years, including single plaintiff cases and large group cases alike. There are many cases that have been settled, but plenty of them are still pending. One of the largest notable cases on record involves Central Wesleyan College, which sued CertainTeed in 1987 for being responsible for the asbestos that was used in the facilities of the college buildings when they were constructed. The case notes state that over $40 million was paid in the settlement, but more than 30 suits have been settled in this specific case between property owners and defendants. 14,000 lawsuits are still pending against the company.

There are a lot of high profile cases that have been filed against CertainTeed, but they have paid millions already in lawsuit settlements. Today, the company is still reeling from the damages and it’s likely that plenty more suits will come in the future. CertainTeed has yet to file bankruptcy and there are no trusts set up for those affected by the asbestos exposure, so claims are still handled on a case-by-case basis with this company.

Asbestos Cancer Information:

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