GAF Ruberoid Asbestos Claims


GAF-Ruberoid was originally created in the United States as a branch of I.G. Dyes, a German chemical corporation. The company changed its name to GAF, or General Aniline and Film Corporation, in 1939, which was the result of a merger and acquisition of two different companies. During the start of World War II, the German interests in the company caused it to be seized by the U.S. government. Until 1965, the company had federally-appointed directors, but their motivation was not of a capitalist nature at all.

The company remained stagnant compared to other capitalist-run companies until 1965 when the company was finally able to go public and get rid of the federal management that it had been dealing with for the better part of two decades. It also acquired Ruberoid Corporation, which became a subsidiary of the company in 1968. Mismanagement caused a lot of problems in the coming years, but the housing boom in the mid 80s definitely helped the company in its success.

Asbestos Products

Although it wasn’t known at the time, the acquisition of Ruberoid was the nail in the coffin in terms of asbestos claims. The entire product line contained excessive amounts of asbestos, including everything from shingles to insulation. They also acquired an asbestos mine in the buyout, which definitely didn’t help their case. The mine workers and employees of GAF-Ruberoid were all exposed to asbestos in significant amounts, and specific products and brands that were affected include things like:

Insulation Cement
Pipe Covering
Aristo Insulation
Asbestos Roofing Shingles
Asbestos Siding
Asphalt Tile
Calsilite Insulation Cement
Calsilite SS Pipe Covering
Calsilite HI Pipe Covering
Asbestos Paper
Anti-frost Pipe Covering
Imperial Insulation
Boiler Jackets
Roofing Felt
Paint Products
Ruberoid Air Cell
Luran Airtred Sheet Vinyl Flooring
Luran Imperial Sheet Vinyl Flooring
Luran Regency Sheet Vinyl Flooring
Sponge Felt
Supercell Pipe Covering
T/NA 100 Asbestos Paper and Plastic Film
T/NA 200 Asbestos Paper and Plastic Film
Vinyl Asbestos Floor Tile

Asbestos Lawsuit History

This was one of the biggest companies in terms of asbestos claims through the 1980s, resulting in the formation of the Asbestos Claims Facility by GAF Corporation and other companies. This was created to help evaluate, defend, and settle the claims that were being filed excessively at the time. The facility eventually fell apart, but not before handling thousands of claims for GAF. The company stayed committed to the organization and its mission as it became the Center for Claims Resolution.

Today, GAF Corporation is known as G-I Holdings and has filed for Chapter 11. This occurred in 2001, and followed with the typical foundation of an asbestos trust that is designed to address the thousands of pending and future claims filed against the company for asbestos exposure.

Asbestos Cancer Information:

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