10 Largest Asbestos Lung Cancer Lawsuits

Over the last several decades, asbestos lung cancer and asbestos exposure have been the subject of several thousand lawsuits and extensive litigation. Up until the 1970s, asbestos was used as a building material because of its durability and flame-resistant properties, and workers were exposed to the dangerous substance without proper safety equipment for years before its dangers were known. Now decades later, retired workers and military veterans and their families are seeking compensation from corporations and individuals alike for asbestos lung cancer and mesothelioma. Many of these cases have resulted in huge settlements in favor of the patients.

Here are just a few of the largest cases of asbestos lung cancer lawsuits on record.

1. Anchem Products vs. George Windsor – In 1997, Anchem Products sought to limit the definition of liability by companies that were responsible for asbestos manufacturing. If this claim had not been rejected, those how developed lung cancer as a result of asbestos exposure would have been unable to claim much in the way of compensation. Fortunately, the claim was rejected and those affected by asbestos lung cancer can continue to sue for damages.

2. Ortiz vs. Fibreboard Corp. – Decided in 1999, this case involved asbestos developers attempting to limit their liability and prevent having to compensate those affected by asbestos lung cancer. As with the Windsor case, the claim was denied due to the large number of anticipated cases of asbestos lung cancer that would seek compensation.

3. Margereson v J.W. Roberts Ltd. and Hancock v J.W. Roberts Ltd. – In 1994, June Hancock of Leeds, England was awarded £65,000 in an asbestos lung cancer claim before she died of mesothelioma. She developed the cancer after being exposed to asbestos due to environmental contamination by an asbestos manufacturing plant in her hometown.

4.  Celotex Corp. vs. Catrett – This major case took place in the 1980s, when Catrett, a widow, sued fifteen different asbestos manufactuers, claiming that her husband had died due to cancer caused by asbestos produced by those companies. Her claim was not rewarded due to lack of evidence.

5. November 11, 2009 – A 74-year-old carpenter named Angus Douglas was awared a six-figure settlement in a claim against James Hardie subsidiary Amaca and Seltsam. He had been exposed to asbestos on several occasions over a period of 16 years.

6. Willmore v Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council – In 2007, Dianne Willmore was diagnosed with pleural mesothelioma. She was awareded a £240,000 settlement. The company appealed the decision and lost.

7. Joni L. Johnson of Lexington, KY named 144 defendants in her asbestos claim after being diagnosed with mesothelioma in February of 2010.

8. December 2011 – A 72-year-ld widow was awarded £200,000 settlement after three years of seeking compensation for the death of her husband due to asbestos poisoning.

9. Equitas had to pay $575 million to oil services giant Halliburton in its largest set of asbestos claims in January 2004

10. November 2011 – A family in Kansas city was awarded $10 million in a lawsuit filed before a family member’s death from mesothelioma.

Asbestos lung cancer claims will continue to come about, as many new cases of cancer from asbestos exposure are surfacing every day. Now, the substance is heavily regulated in order to keep cases of the cancer from popping up in future decades.


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