Raybestos Manhattan Asbestos Claims

Raybestos Manhattan was the original name of Raymark Industries, which started making brake linings around 1919. This company operated for 70 years and manufactured products for a variety of vehicles in their time. The company is no longer in operation, unlike many of the manufacturers that used asbestos in their products, but they were among the best of the best during their days in operation. Not only did this company use asbestos in its brake linings, but it was also cited for environmental contamination and hazardous waste creation through its manufacturing processes.


Raybestos Manhattan created brake linings for personal vehicles, professional racing vehicles, and many other applications. Their products were a leader in the industry, giving them a strong financial backing during their heyday. However, due to the increasing number of asbestos lawsuits and other court proceedings for contamination of the environment and hazardous waste accusations, the company was forced into bankruptcy and shut down all operations, resulting in Raymark Industries and Raybestos Manhattan being known simply as former corporations.

Asbestos Products

Because of the heat resistance and other thermal properties of asbestos, it was often a popular material for brake pads and linings. Raybestos Manhattan saw the potential of this material and included it in their brake linings as such. Of course, the manufacturing of brake linings wasn’t the only place where asbestos was found in the company’s operations. They also used shallow pools to capture lead and asbestos. Once the pools were filled, they would be dredged of the toxic waste, which was then placed in an ordinary landfill.

Plant workers as well as others involved in the use or manufacture of these products were most at risk for exposure to asbestos, but residents living near the facilities were also at risk of exposure because of the practices used to contain the toxic matter. Anyone working with Raybestos or Raymark brake linings could face serious health risks, as well.

Asbestos Lawsuit History

In the 1970s, Raymark Industries saw its first litigation from asbestos exposure. This single claim started the onslaught of asbestos lawsuits that eventually led the company to bankruptcy. Raymark has been involved in many landmark cases throughout their years of asbestos litigation, but it now fights every claim in every way possible. The corporate restructuring allowed the company to avoid many of their liabilities and the trust that was established came before the bankruptcy, making it hard for people to access the funds that they deserve as compensation.

Unlike most companies that file bankruptcy and simply pay out claims from a trust, the former Raybestos Manhattan and Raymark Industries still handle claims on an individual basis, making all victims fight for the compensation that they deserve.

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