What Is Small Cell Lung Cancer

Small cell lung cancer is only responsible for around 20% of the diagnosed cases of lung cancer throughout the medical field today. This type of cancer is primarily known for being a smoker’s cancer because the incidence of non-smokers developing it is rare. Small cell lung cancer has many characteristics that make it different from … Read moreWhat Is Small Cell Lung Cancer

Small Cell Lung Cancer Diagnosis

Small cell lung cancer is the most aggressive type of lung cancer that exists. Therefore, proper and early diagnosis will give you much better odds of successful treatment, no matter what you need. The diagnosis of this type of cancer involves a lot of different tests, but generally starts with a medical history and physical … Read moreSmall Cell Lung Cancer Diagnosis

Can Non-Smokers Get Lung Cancer?

It’s fairly well-known that smoking is linked to the development of lung cancer. But is it the only factor? Are people who are diagnosed with lung cancer but claim not to smoke lying? Or are non-smokers also at risk? Find out the truth about the relationship between smoking cigarettes and having lung cancer—the numbers may … Read moreCan Non-Smokers Get Lung Cancer?

Small Cell Lung Cancer Prognosis

Small cell lung cancer (SCLC) has a couple of characteristics that drive relatively poor prognosis statistics.  The disease tends to develop rapidly and will metastasize to distant parts of the body much earlier than other forms of cancer.  The “oat cell” multiplies rapidly and when it travels to another part of the body any malignancy … Read moreSmall Cell Lung Cancer Prognosis

Small Cell Lung Cancer FAQ

Small cell lung cancer (SCLC) is one of those terms that doctors toss around casually and can be unnerving for a patient or family member who doesn’t understand the term.  This FAQ collection is designed to provide the basic information about this lung cancer variant, why it differs from other forms of lung cancer, and … Read moreSmall Cell Lung Cancer FAQ

Financial Support for Small Cell Lung Cancer

Small cell lung cancer (SCLC) almost always occurs in smokers, but it has also been linked to asbestos exposure.  Medical researchers have established that smoking combined with the presence of asbestos can have an especially toxic impact on the lungs.  Asbestos was an enormously popular additive to thousands of industrial products during most of the … Read moreFinancial Support for Small Cell Lung Cancer

Non-Smoker Small Cell Lung Cancer

Smoking has long been identified as a primary cause of lung cancer.  For all types of lung cancer about 90% of cases diagnosed are in people with a smoking history.  For small cell lung cancer (SCLC) the smokers represent 98% of all cases diagnosed.  The drop in frequency of incidence for lung cancer in the … Read moreNon-Smoker Small Cell Lung Cancer