Support Groups for Small Cell Lung Cancer

When dealing with small cell lung cancer, there are a lot of different things that you have to face. This is only responsible for about 20% of the total diagnosed cases of lung cancer, and therefore has a much more limited network of support groups and people who you can find to connect with. However, there are still resources out there and you can still get the support that you deserve when you take the time to find it. Take advantage of the various resources that are available so that you can get all the support groups for small cell lung cancer that give you a chance to connect with others and get the peace of mind that you deserve.

There are plenty of support groups for small cell lung cancer, both online and off. It is going to be a matter of personal opinion, in most cases, when it comes to choosing the best support groups for your needs. Whether you are looking for local groups, current patients, survivors, or even just a place to meet people who can relate to what you’re going through, it’s out there. Check out the resources below for more.

Online Support Groups for Small Cell Lung Cancer

This is an online forum that provides support for patients and survivors all over the country, and the world. It was started in Texas, but has members from everywhere.

This is another online forum where people can discuss various types of cancers and interact with other people who are facing or who have survived the disease, including small cell lung cancer.

This group is specifically a support group for survivors of the disease. However, inspire also hosts many other support groups, including ones for people currently facing the disease.

This online forum offers all types of support for cancer patients, including support groups for small cell lung cancer.

Here, you will find a variety of support groups and other resources for all types of cancer, including lung cancer. This is a comprehensive resource that offers something for just about everyone.

Offline Support Groups for Small Cell Lung Cancer and Other Resources

American Cancer Society

This is the national cancer organization in the United States, offering a wide selection of resources, including support groups, for lung cancer and other types of cancer, as well.

National Cancer Institute at the National Institutes of Health

This fact sheet is designed to give all cancer patients and survivors resources and support group information in their local area. This is a government organization, which allows you to trust that you are getting the best resources available when you work with this site to find offline support groups and other resources.

How to Choose Small Cell Lung Cancer Support Groups

Look at the different groups that are available. Make sure that no matter what you do, you are able to find groups that give you the connections that you need. Some people like the idea of having instant access to more people through online forums, while others might prefer the ability to meet people locally and actually sit down to talk about their experience. It doesn’t really matter which position you are in because you can find support as long as you are willing to look. Because this small cell cancer is rarely found in non-smokers, most patients will have developed this condition from smoking, which gives you another connection that can bridge the understanding. The bottom line? Look around and find people and/or groups that you like and that give you the support that you want.